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Sector Y

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Sector Y
3D Sector Y.png
Sector Y as seen in Star Fox 64 3D
Stage type Sector
Games Star Fox
Star Fox 64 (3D)
Star Fox Command
No music provided
Star Fox 64 info
Bronze Medal 100
Stage/Silver Medal 150
Gold Medal 180
Vehicle Arwing
Navigation info
<-- Corneria Main Route(s) Katina -->
<-- None Hidden Route(s) Aquas -->
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Sector Y (Japanese: セクターY Sector Y) is a nebula made of luminous dust in the shape of a giant letter Y. Sector Y has the lowest ratings of electromagnetic energy and radiation. This makes the sector the least dangerous of the three, but is still not recommended for civilian travel[1]. The reason behind this is that the nebula seems to cause mechanical devices that enter to cease functioning. Cornerian scientists believe that this is because Sector Y is the site of a failed Bolse satellite. Sector Y is the only one of the three sectors not to be connected by warp radiation.


Star Fox 64

Sector Y in Star Fox Command.

Sector Y was the site of a major battle during the Lylat Wars. Here, the Cornerian Defense Force lost a significant amount of fighters to the Venomian Army. This battle was the testing ground for Venom's new weapon, the Shogun Warriors. General Pepper ordered Team Star Fox to aid the Cornerian forces and take out the robot soldiers. The team led by Fox McCloud destroyed the soldiers and the Androssian ships in their way until they encountered the Saruzin which was the base of the main Shogun robot. The team defeated the robot and headed for Aquas or Katina depending on where Pepper needed them next.

Star Fox Command

This story occurs if ROB 64 follows Wolf with Fox and Falco.

Fox McCloud and Falco Lombardi followed Wolf O'Donnell into Sector Y after he betrayed them on Titania. They did not find Wolf, but instead found the remains the machine that had been fused with Pigma Dengar. Pigma revealed that he had an alliance with Wolf so that he could get revenge on Fox. Fox and Falco fought Pigma's legion's and eventually Pigma himself before coming out victorious. Here, they heard the system wide transmission that revealed Star Wolf had defeated the Anglar. The two left the Lylat System in hopes of forgetting the past.


Star Fox 64

Star Fox Command



Sector Y as seen from Meteo
  • Sector Y is only sector to keep its original color from Star Fox 64 in Star Fox Command. However, in Star Fox 64 3D the Y shape is now dark blue and is surrounded by blue and orange gas.
  • Cornerian scientists believe that Solar's being in the middle of the three sectors is the reason for its molten state.