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Attack Carrier

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Boss: Attack Carrier
The Attack Carrier in Star Fox 64.
Game(s) Star Fox
Star Fox 64
Star Fox 64 3D
Location Corneria
Affiliation Andross
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The Attack Carrier is a Venomian battleship that serves as the boss for Corneria in the original Star Fox and of the secret route in Star Fox 64. In Star Fox 64, it approached Star Fox from behind and tried to collide with Fox's Arwing.

In Star Fox 64, the Attack Carrier was the true source of enemy reinforcements invading Corneria, and was heavily armored, being impervious to both laser fire and Smart Bombs. However, when it opens its hatches to release missiles, it is vulnerable to fire. When its missile pods are destroyed, it can fire a heavy laser and is extremely vulnerable.


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