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Out of This Dimension

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Out of This Dimension
As seen in Star Fox
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"Come in Arwings!! Fox, where are you?!! We need you to protect Corneria!!"
— General Pepper, Star Fox

Out of This Dimension in Star Fox is a strange location found outside of the known space of the Lylat System, or existence as we know it. Escape from the surreal level is impossible, and it is seen as the alternate ending for the game. A remixed version of Johann Strauss II's Voices of Spring plays as the realm's theme, and a version of When The Saints Go Marching In. Out of This Dimension does not appear in any other Star Fox title, although the Warp Zone from Star Fox 64 is similar.

Star Fox

The zone is comprised of black space filled with various colored, sized, smiling moons and cartoony stars. The background lurches and is distorted throughout the level, but this stops when the player defeats the Slot Machine. The only enemy found in this level is also exclusive to this level: the paper plane which is a small threat by itself, but can often swarm the player in large numbers. The end boss of this level is the mysterious Slot Machine.

This level, unlike others, does not end after beating the boss, but rather plays on infinitely with the credits scrolling by. The player can then shoot at each of the letters of "THE END" and turn them over. After a while, however, the letters resituate themselves. Enemies from the regular levels attack the player and the letters, causing the letters to scrambled around over and over. Death for the player is inevitable, as no supply rings appear during this event, and the enemies appear repeatedly.

The fate of the rest of the Star Fox team and Corneria is never revealed, although it is suggested by General Pepper's briefing that Andross would take advantage of Star Fox's disappearance in the Out of This Dimension area to conquer the Lylat System.

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