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Warp Zone

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The Warp Zone is the conjectural name for a unique level gone through twice in Star Fox 64 as a very strange way to warp to other locations. It is unknown where the Zone resides in the Star Fox universe. It is possible to have been inspired by the Black Hole and Out of This Dimension from the original Star Fox game.



To get here, the player must travel through a number of warp portals, which is difficult, because each time the Arwing flies through one, its speed increases and it becomes harder to control. Here, there are biomechanical creatures and meteors with odd textures. All vulnerable things here give power ups, like rings, bombs, and laser upgrades, and are worth points like regular enemies are. A "64" spelled out in explosions, and a cluster of asteroids and an enemy will give Fox various items (such as Smart Bombs, Laser Upgrades and Supply Rings) should he choose to destroy it. Additionally, at the begining of the stage, "GO!" is made out of a cluster of explosions.

Sector X

Sector X's warp zone is accessed by flying through openable warp gates located to the far left of the Sector's debris. They can only be opened by being shot at with the Arwing's laser, and turn red right before opening fully. If Bill is saved on Katina, he will appear and aid Fox in shooting the gates open. The area is filled with shifting shapes and crosses. There are also a few mechanisms that strangely look like television "snow" as well, and they are located on the surface of the shifting objects. Completing it takes you to Sector Z on the Hard Difficulty Route.

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