Slot Machine

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Boss: Slot Machine
The Slot Machine in Star Fox.
Name Slot Machine
Game(s) Star Fox
Location Out of this Dimension
Affiliation Unknown
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The Slot Machine is a boss that appears in the original Star Fox, and is the final boss for the Out of this Dimension course. It shows up in the Out of this Dimension area after flying through the level. Shooting its arm will activate it, and give you various combinations. To defeat it, the player must get three 7's in a row, which will cause it to self-destruct. If the player gets at least one Andross, missiles and lasers will come out. Other combinations may give you coins to heal the Arwing's damage, or will simply do nothing. Triangles below the reels, when flashing, can be shot at and "locked" into keeping whatever icon is on the reel for the next try. The destruction of the Slot Machine causes the distortion in the background to dissapear.

Defeating it will unlock a mini-game where the player lines up letters that spell "The End". The mini-game will never end; after "The End" is successfully spelled, the game will reset and can be done all over again.

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