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Sector X

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Sector X
3D Sector X.png
Sector X as seen in Star Fox 64 3D
Stage type Ruined Space Station
Games Star Fox
Star Fox 64 (3D)
Star Fox Command
Star Fox 64 info
Bronze Medal 100
Stage/Silver Medal 150
Gold Medal 230
Vehicle Arwing
Navigation info
<-- Fichina Main Route(s) Titania -->
<-- Katina Hidden Route(s) Sector Z or Macbeth -->
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Sector X (Japanese: セクターX Sector X) is one of the three nebulae of the Lylat System in the unusual shape of a letter. The sector was originally the location of a star base built by Andross, but the base was destroyed by his experiment the Spyborg. The sector contains wormhole radiation that Andross used to build a warp to Sector Z and numerous magnetic currents.


Star Fox 64

In Star Fox 64 and its port, Star Fox 64 3D, Cornerian spies reported to General Pepper that Andross was constructing a star base in Sector X. However, his team only received a signal of a large field of space debris. General Pepper could not tell whether Andross's base was destroyed by accident or deliberately, or if the location was a trap. Cornerian scientists also found an unusual wormhole radiation in the section, and Pepper sent the Star Fox team to investigate the warp, which he believed to possibly be part of Andross's invasion plot.[1]

When the team arrived at the base, they began searching for the cause of the destruction. The team flew through the base until they came to a fork in the destruction. Flying to the left brought Fox McCloud to the four warp gates that Andross had built. Shooting all four triggered a Warp Gate, where Fox and his team flew through to Sector Z.

Continuing to fly right forced Fox to deal with the remaining enemy forces in the area. On this path, Fox fought the Spyborg. The experiment had failed and resulted in the destruction of the base. Fox destroyed the robot and continued his on way towards Macbeth. If Fox did not defeat the robot in enough time, Slippy Toad would be smacked by the Spyborg and Fox was forced to go to Titania to save him.

Star Fox Command

Sector X in Star Fox Command.

This story occurs if Falco does not link up with Fox on Aquas.

In an attempt to intercept Star Wolf and question Krystal on her new affiliation, Falco Lombardi flew through Sector X. He was too late to find Star Wolf, but instead found the robotic remains of the dead Pigma Dengar. Falco defeated Pigma with the help of fellow pilot Katt Monroe.

Sector data

  • Radiation: 7.27 ergons
  • Mag Flux: 64%
  • Particle Density: 59 c/sg
  • Average Albedo: 0.73


Star Fox 64

Star Fox Command



  • In Star Fox 64, the coloration of Sector X is blue, while it's red in Star Fox Command. Sector X was originally blue, as shown in pre-release images. This can be contributed to being one of the many mistakes in Star Fox Command.
  • Star Fox 64 3D revised Sector X's appearance a second time; it now consists of an orange X shape surrounded by blue and orange gas.
  • It is believed that the reason that the planet Solar never fully cooled was due to its being in the center of the three sectors.[2]


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