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Killer Bee

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Killer Bee
Killer Bee SF64 render.png
Killer Bee render for Star Fox 64
Game(s) Star Fox 64 (3D)
Star Fox Adventures
Star Fox Zero
Location Meteo, Sector X, Area 6
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Killer Bees are enemies who appear in Star Fox 64 and its remake, Star Fox 64 3D. They appear in the deep space regions of the Lylat System, including Meteo, Sector X, and Area 6. Killer Bees were presumably created by the Venomian Army, like most of the other enemies.

Killer Bees bear resemblance to killer bees from the real world, and their characteristic appear to be inspired from them. Killer Bees move around very quickly, allowing them to evade any lock on attacks. They fire large, nearly inevitable rainbow beams that can heavily damage Fox's Arwing. Some Killer Bees leave behind a Shield Ring when defeated.

In Star Fox Adventures, Killer Bees briefly appear during the Arwing missions, although they no longer fire rainbow beams.