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3D Solar.png
Solar as seen in Star Fox 64 3D
Stage type Planet
Games Star Fox 64, Star Fox Command, Star Fox 64 3D
No music provided
Star Fox 64 info
Bronze Medal 50
Stage/Silver Medal 100
Gold Medal 110
Vehicle Arwing
Navigation info
<-- Katina Main Route(s) Macbeth -->
<-- Fichina Hidden Route(s) Macbeth -->
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Solar is a celestial body situated in the Lylat System. Whether it is a star or a planet is subject to debate. This is because the status has changed between sources. Surprisingly, it was the site of several battles during the Lylat Wars and afterwards.


Solar is situated in the middle of the "X-Y-Z Triangle", a geometric shape formed by the locations of Sector X, Sector Y and Sector Z. The official Star Fox 64 website has stated that this may be the cause of the planet's perpetual genesis state.[1]


Star Fox 64

Before the Lylat Wars scientists never believed that life could exist on Solar. Nevertheless, General Pepper sent the Star Fox to investigate when a number of Venomian scout ships were detected approaching and leaving the area. What they discovered were biological monsters, the result of Andross's genetic experimentation, that not only lived but thrived in the extremely hot environment.

The team battled through this hellish environment while fighting creatures like the Gores. Eventually they were forced to confront Vulcain, the most deadly of Andross' star-spawn bioweapons. Dodging its attacks, Fox McCloud was able to destroy the beast and put an end to Andross's mad biological terror. Life continued to flourish on Solar after the end of the war.

Star Fox Command

The Red Hot Planet

Solar in Star Fox Command.

This story occurs if Fox chooses to ask Wolf O'Donnell for help on Fichina.

After asking Wolf for help, Fox contacted Falco Lombardi so that they could rendezvous at Solar. Fox and Wolf got there first and cleared through a series of enemies before Falco arrived. Falco and Wolf were unwilling to work at first, but Fox got them working. Falco revealed that he had seen a large satellite when he entered Solar air space. The three managed to destroy the satellite thanks to a plan thought up by Wolf. The team then got a transmission from General Peppy asking for help on Titania.