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The Tadpole in Star Fox Command
Mode(s) Flight
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The Tadpole is Amanda's personal starfighter in Star Fox Command. The fighter is shaped like a tadpole, as the name suggests. It is armed with a Single Laser, multi lock, a single Smart Bomb, and a 2-second time bonus. It performs exceptionally well underwater, although it has an average shield capacity, mediocre maneuverability and short boost meter compared to other personal fighters.

Star Fox Command stats

Tadpole stats
Laser: Single
Lock: Multi
Smart Bombs:
Shields: ● ● ● ● ● ●
Boost: ● ●
Time Bonus: ● ●


  • Its appearance is fitting to its name, the Tadpole, which refers to the larval stage of amphibians, and in this case, toads and frogs.

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