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The Saucerer in Star Fox 64.
Location Katina
Affiliation(s) Andross
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Saucerer is a heavily fortified assault craft used by the Venomian Army in the invasion of enemy planets in Star Fox 64. The massive vessel is rumored to have been based off of plans stolen from aliens in a distant part of the galaxy[1]. Its primary armament is the Core Weapon, a beam cannon with enough power to vaporize any city in the known galaxy, though it requires sixty seconds to charge in which its energy generator is exposed. Saucerer also acts as a carrier for hundreds of Invader II Fighters used against airborne threats.

Saucerer is encountered by the Star Fox team when they came to the aid of the beleaguered Cornerian Defense Force on Katina. Despite deploying its full compliment of fighter craft, Saucerer was unable to gain air superiority over the Katina military base, and when it attempts to deploy its Core Weapon, Fox McCloud succeeded in destroying the exposed generator, setting off a chain reaction that ultimately destroyed the vessel.


In order to defeat the Saucerer, Fox had to destroy the four hatches on the ship's underside. The hatches open and close, and Fox needed to wait until they open and then shoot them. Bill Grey, the leader of the Cornerian Army defending against the Saucerer, and good friend of Fox, will tell him when all the hatches are exposed. When all four are down, the core will appear. Fox has 60 seconds to destroy it, or it will destroy the base.


  • The Saucerer, and in fact the entire level, greatly resembles and is probably based off of the 1996 film Independence Day.


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