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Bill Grey

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Bill Grey
Bill Grey Command artwork.jpg
Bill Grey as he appears in Star Fox Command.
Home planet Corneria
Premiere game Star Fox 64
Affiliations Star Fox, Cornerian Defense Force
Race Dog
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"I'm happy as a tick in a dog's ear!"
— Bill Grey, Star Fox Command

Bill Grey is a fictional, supporting male character from the Star Fox series. He is an anthropomorphic bulldog with brown fur (although was originally gray in color, reflecting his name). His official debut was in Star Fox 64. It is widely believed that Bill Grey is a "reincarnation" of Fay from the canceled game Star Fox 2. He is voiced by Bill Johns in Star Fox 64.

Grey's name is likely a reference to the character General William Grey, from the 1996 film Independence Day. This strongly evidenced by the parallels in the Katina mission Star Fox 64 to the final battle scene from the film where a massive, circular alien ship was annihilated after the destruction of its core.


Early History

Grey originally hails from planet Corneria, but has settled on planet Katina, to lead an outpost of the Cornerian Defense Force. Grey is considered an ace pilot in his own league. Grey is an old friend of Fox McCloud, as they both went to military academy together, albeit they later took different approaches in serving their planet, as Grey joined the governmental army while McCloud reformed his father's mercenary team, Star Fox.

An Old Ally

Bill reunited with his old friend Fox during the Lylat Wars when Fox's team was sent to aid the fight on Katina. Here, he commanded the Husky and Bulldog Squadrons while his base was attacked by Invader II ships. During the fight, the base was attacked by a massive ship called the Saucerer appeared. Bill told Fox when it was the right time to attack was and Fox managed to destroy the ship.

Bill also followed Fox's team to their next destination, which could be either Solar or Sector X.

Return to Katina

Unlike many other characters, Bill's life did not change much during the eleven years after the Lylat Wars. He continued to be a high ranking miliiary pilot that was stationed on Katina. This base was one of the many targeted by the Anglar during the invasion of Lylat.

Falco to the Fore!

This story occurs if ROB 64 goes to look for Falco after Fox's first mission on Corneria.

Bill had managed to keep the Anglar at bay, but could not defeat them completely. His luck changed at the arrival of former Star Fox member, Falco Lombardi. Together, they defeated the Anglar around Katina. Bill stayed on Katina while Falco left for the Asteroid Belt after the battle.

Hold Firm, Katina!

This story is seen if ROB goes with Slippy and Falco while Fox searches for Krystal.

Like before, Bill was able to keep the Anglar numbers low without actually defeating them. His luck changed when he saw Fox's ship approaching. He learned that Fox was not actually there, but Falco and Slippy were and they defeated the Anglar together. Bill then realized that Fox had gone to search for Krystal and told the others about her recent change of personality. He revealed that she had become a killer with a heart of ice and that she was dating someone in Star Wolf. Slippy and Falco then went to meet up with Fox on Titania.

Game appearances


Star Fox 64

  • "I'm glad we're on the same team, Fox."
  • "Just like old times, huh Fox?"


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ビル・グレイ
Biru Gurei
Bill Grey
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