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Character: Miyu
Miyu's character select icon from Star Fox 2.
Name Miyu
Home Planet
Role Interceptor pilot
Premiere game Star Fox 2
Affiliations Star Fox
Race Feline
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Miyu is a tomboyish female lynx who appears in Star Fox 2. Along with Fay, pilots a faster Arwing model called the Interceptor, which lacks in hull armor compared to the other Arwing models.


Development (Out of Game)

In game History

Non Canon warning: The following content contains information that is not canon.

During the game's events, Miyu helped her teammates fight against the return of the evil emperor Andross.

Non Canon warning: Non canon information ends here.


"Phew, that was close!" - Fay, referring to the destruction of Astropolis, Star Fox 2.
"What are you talking about? Pah!" - Miyu, in response, Star Fox 2.

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