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Star Fox 2 Miyu artwork.png
Miyu's official artwork from Star Fox 2.
Role Interceptor pilot
Premiere game Star Fox 2
Affiliations Star Fox
Race Feline
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Miyu (Japanese: ミュウ Miyu) is a tomboyish female lynx who appears in Star Fox 2. Along with Fay, pilots a faster Arwing model called the Interceptor, which lacks in hull armor compared to the other Arwing models. During the game, she assisted the pilots in fighting Andross.

Her name is based on the onomatopoeia "mew", which is a variant of "meow", the sound made by a cat.


  • "Phew, that was close" - Fay (referring to Astropolis's destruction)
    • "What are you talking about? Pah!" - Miyu



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