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Arwing Interceptor

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Arwing Interceptor
ArwingInterceptor Blue.gif
Miyu's Arwing Interceptor, as it appears in Star Fox 2
Mode(s) Space, Air, Ground
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The Arwing Interceptor, also known as an Interceptor-class Arwing, or just the Interceptor, is a model of Arwing in the game Star Fox 2, used by Miyu and Fay. This model of Arwing focuses primarily on high speed and powerful weaponry, sacrificing defense in the process.

In Star Fox 2

Laser: Twin Blaster
Lock: Single
Energy Charge Time: Fast
Shields: ● ● ● ● ● ●
Speed: Fast
Special Item: Shield (3x)

The Interceptor is the strongest Arwing type in the game, with the fastest movement speed, fastest charge, and starts off with upgraded lasers, at the cost of having the weakest shields. The Interceptor also starts off with Shielding special items to nullify incoming damage for a short time. Like all Star Fox 2 Arwings, the Interceptor can transform into a mech-like vehicle on planets and inside Andross's bases.