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Character: Fay
Fay's headshot from Star Fox 2.
Name Fay
Home Planet
Role Interceptor pilot
Premiere game Star Fox 2
Affiliations Star Fox
Race Canine
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Fay is a cheerful female dog, who along with Miyu only appears in Star Fox 2. As with Miyu, Fay pilots an Interceptor-Class Arwing, much faster than other models, but lacking in defense. She is extremely positive even in the most stressful of situations, and is described as a "go-getter".


Fay is a white Cocker Spaniel with blue eyes, adorning a large red bow. Much like Fox, she wears a headset when piloting.

In-Game History

During the events of Star Fox 2, Fay joins and assists the Star Fox team in the second Lylat War against Andross's forces.


"Phew, that was close!", after defeating Andross, Star Fox 2

"Our missile problems just got lighter!", upon destroying an enemy base, Star Fox 2

"Give chase! Press Y to boost!" , if an enemy is fleeing, Star Fox 2

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