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Fara Phoenix

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Fara Phoenix
Fara Phoenix.jpg
Home planet Papetoon
Premiere game Star Fox 2 (pre-release)
Affiliations Star Fox
Race Fox
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Fara SF2 animation.gif

Fara Phoenix is a character from the 1992 Star Fox comic.

In the comic, Fara was Fox McCloud's love interest and chief test pilot for the Cornerian Army. She also bears a resemblance to Fox's mother, Vixy Reinard McCloud. She first flew with the Star Fox Team in a black Arwing which was soon shot down by the Attack Carrier. Shortly afterward she flew with Fox through a black hole to reach Venom's back door.

Fara also appears in an earlier version of Star Fox 2. Both her and Saru were later removed from the final version.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ファラ・フェニックス
Fara Fenikkusu