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Cornerian Army

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Cornerian Army Logo

The Cornerian Army is one of the main military forces of Corneria, used to patrol and protect the Lylat System from any and all threats. Squadrons of these soldiers have been dispatched to various areas of the Lylat System to keep the peace. This branch of the military is not to be confused with the Cornerian Defense Force, which deals with threats on Corneria.

In Star Fox 64, the Army is quickly overpowered by the unexpected invasion from the until then unheard of Venomian Army. The Cornerian Army, during that time, had control over Corneria, Sector Y, Katina and Fichina, and they usually managed to endure until Star Fox came to the rescue.

During the time of Star Fox: Assault, the Cornerian Army is able to hold its own fighting rebelling forces, giving Star Fox time to go in after Andrew Oikonny. It is assumed that they, like the Cornerian Defense Force, were severely beaten trying to stop the sudden invasion of the powerful Aparoids. The Cornerian Army base on Katina was among the first victims of the Aparoid invasion.

General Pepper retired and turned his job over to Peppy Hare by the time of Star Fox Command, in which the army must again try to defend Lylat from a quick invasion from a powerful enemy, in this case, the Anglars. Several members of the Cornerian Army are playable in this game, including Bill Grey and Dash Bowman. Krystal also joins the Cornerian Army by this time before defecting to Star Wolf, taking her Cornerian fighter with her and giving it a pink paint job.

Notable Members

General Pepper

Main article: General Pepper

General Pepper ( ペパー将軍 Pepā Shōgun) is commander of all of Corneria's forces in the Lylat System. He offered the Star Fox team an official commission in the end of Star Fox 64, but Fox refused it, stating that they "prefer to do things their way". He retired sometime before the events of Star Fox Command.

General Peppy

Main article: Peppy Hare

Peppy Hare (ペッピー・ヘア Peppī Hea) replaced Pepper as the general of the Cornerian army during the Anglar Blitz. During the game, it is learned that he has a daughter named Lucy Hare, who is teaching astrophysics at Fichina.

Bill Grey

Main article: Bill Grey

William "Bill" Grey (ビル・グレイ Biru Gurei) is a Bulldog ace pilot in the Cornerian Army that serves out of Katina. He wears a Green Ace Army Commander Helmet on his head because he's a Commander of his own team. He was good friends with Fox McCloud in his childhood who convinced him to join the Cornerian Flight Academy with him some years ago.

Dash Bowman

Main article: Dash Bowman

Dash Bowman is a young pilot in the Cornerian Army, as well as the grandson of Andross and first cousin, once removed of Andrew Oikonny. He thinks very highly of Fox and Falco, and wishes to join the Star Fox Team. Despite his small size, he is a very skilled pilot.



Main article: Krystal

Krystal (クリスタル Kurisutaru) Krystal is a member of the Star Fox team who serves as the telepath. In Command, Krystal joins the Cornerian army after being forced to leave Star Fox, but in some paths, she may be found as a member of Star Wolf, instead.