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Algy's mugshot from Star Fox 2.
Home planet Unknown
Role Star Wolf member
Premiere game Star Fox 2
Affiliations Star Wolf
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Algy is a member of the Star Wolf wing in Star Fox 2. He has not appeared in any other games in the series, his role being replaced by Andrew Oikonny in Star Fox 64.


Algy has distinctively large eyes. His species is not stated, but he is possibly a lemur, most closely resembling the sportive lemur.


Algy is a member of the Star Wolf wing, a mercenary team hired by Andross in his second attempt to conquer the Lylat system. Algy only appears in the hard and expert modes of the game; in those modes, Algy is the third member of Star Wolf fought, after Leon and Pigma.


  • "My name is Algy, and I own you. Come on!"
  • "Cap'n Wolf told me the Star Fox team was nothing!"
  • "There is no safe place for you now!"
  • "Aaaargh! We won't forget this! Nooo!"

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アルジー

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