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Octoman in Star Fox Command.
Location Aquas, Venom
Affiliation(s) Anglar
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"NO ONE SULLIES MY SEA! By my eight arms, you're gonna PAY!"
— Octoman, Star Fox Command
Octoman Command headshot.png

Octoman is an octopus creature from the F-Zero series that appears as a boss in Star Fox Command. He is a minion serving the Anglar. He is an octopus-like creature that generally pilots a standard fighter ship capable of resisting planet Venom's acidic sea. He acts as one of the base bosses on the final mission on Venom. He taunts his foe for being absolutely crazy to think that they can defeat the Empire. He's also quite the hothead and known to make stupid threats, often swearing by his "eight tentacles" despite not having that many. He is however, defeated anyways.

The Anglar Invasion

During the events of Star Fox Command, Octoman was stationed on the planet Aquas. There, he led the Anglar forces that had taken over the planet. In one storyline, he had also managed to use mind control to take control of former Star Fox member, Slippy Toad. Later, when the Venom Sea was stormed by a team of heroes, Octoman defended an Anglarian fortress, but was quickly defeated.


Octoman is from the F-Zero series. He makes his debut in F-Zero X and hails from the planet Takora. Unlike his Star Fox counterpart, Octoman is not malevolent; his intentions are pure as he seeks to win the Grand Prix to pay for his children's education and contribute to stabilizing the unstable economic state of Takora.