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Black Rose

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Black Rose
Black Rose SFC art.jpg
Panther's Black Rose in Star Fox Command.
Mode(s) Flight
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The Black Rose, a modified Wolfen, is Panther Caroso's personal starfighter in Star Fox Command. Its design and appearance somewhat resemble the Wolfen II used in the Lylat Wars. It is somewhat slower than the other Wolfen designs. Its main weapon is the Zapper, a slow-firing yet powerful weapon that discharges a blue electric ray able to vaporize almost any starfighter. It is lackluster in shields and Smart Bombs it can store. On the flipside, its high boost meter can make up for these.


Black Rose stats
Laser: Zapper
Lock: N/A
Smart Bombs:
Shields: ● ● ● ●
Boost: ● ● ● ●
Time Bonus: ● ●

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