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Gorgon in Star Fox 64.
Location Area 6
Affiliation(s) Andross
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The Gorgon is one of Andross' deadliest weapons that is located in Area 6, and Venom's last defense. It is equipped with a powerful superlaser capable of piercing the crust of a planet or destroying large ships[1]. The weapon can defend itself from starfighters by firing waves of armor piercing missiles or by extending its three tentacles to physically slam into the target ship. The Gorgon also possesses a Dimension Transport System that enables it to phase in and out of reality, something that scientists have thought to be impossible until now. It served as the last line of defense in Area 6.


Once its arms are destroyed, it is forced to open its body and repair them. It will then release three bonded energy orbs to help. Shooting the energy orbs until they are depleted will cause the shield protecting its core to disappear. Once this has happened, shoot the core until the second shield is gone and its core is revealed. Shoot the core until the machine is destroyed.


  • The Gorgon is named after the gorgons, vicious female monsters from Greek mythology. It is said that one who looked upon a gorgon would be instantly turned to stone. Medusa is probably the most recognizable and well-know of the three gorgon sisters. The Gorgon machine could be named so because of the resemblance of its tentacle-arms to Medusa's famous snake-hair.
  • When Pigma is infected with the Aparoids and Fused with machinery, he strongly resembles Gorgon, having similar attacks and defense purposes.


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