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Zeram-class Cruiser

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Zeram-class Cruisers were among the largest and most powerful capital ships used by the Venomian Army during the Lylat Wars. The angular warship supported a large number of laser cannons and missile launchers and was protected by heavy armor. The design suffered from a glaring flaw though: the high wedge-shaped bridge at the rear of the ship was less protected than the rest of the ship, and could be knocked out by starfighter-grade lasers.

The Star Fox encountered at least twelve of these vessels while attempting to infiltrate Venomian airspace via Area 6. The team was able to exploit the Zeram's design flaw to disable a number of the ships, and their armor proved inadequate against the powerful hyperlaser cannons of Great Fox. The fleet was unable to prevent Star Fox from penetrating their defenses and continuing onwards to the Venom.

Years later, Dash Bowman, emperor of the New Venom Empire, used the Zeram design to build the Challenger-class carriers. The Challengers were much better armed and armored, were faster and could carry several flights of starfighters and bombers. They were armed with three light pulse-laser batteries (usually shortened to 'Pulsars'), twenty laser cannons, and two Hyper torpedo launchers. They were able to achieve Warp 9 and possesed enough defenses to defend themselves well. They did, however, still suffer from the same design flaw that the Zerams had.