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Invader III Fighter

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Invader III Fighter.jpg

Invader III Fighters are a class of starfighter used by the Venomian Army during the Lylat Wars of Star Fox 64. These fighters were a vast improvement over the previous series (Invader I and II), being highly maneuverable, fast, and well armored. Invader III's can go up against even Arwings and put up a competent showing.

Invader III's are first seen in the Battle of Sector Z, where they make an attempt to ambush the Star Fox team. As part of a plan to cripple the Great Fox, the fighters escort six Copperhead Missiles to be used against the gargantuan mothership. However, despite their advancements, the Invader III's could not defeat the Star Fox team or protect the Copperhead Missiles to prevent them from being intercepted. Many of the fighters were destroyed in this battle.

Earlier within the war, pilot Katt Monroe had stolen an Invader III prototype from the Venomian Army and heavily modified it as her personal star fighter to use throughout the conflict.

These vehicles also appear in Star Fox Zero.