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Harlock-class Frigate

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A Harlock-class Frigate.

Harlock-class Frigates were a class of frigates used by the Venomian Army during the Lylat Wars of Star Fox 64. Sleek, fast and deadly, the Harlock design used numerous Turbo Lasers to give it the punch of a much larger warship. However, protection was sacrificed for speed and offensive punch, allowing even starfighters to destroy these ships with their laser cannons.

Five Harlock-class Frigates fought at the Battle of Area 6 in defense of Venom. The Star Fox Team was able blast through their weak armor plating, which provided even less defense against the powerful hyper laser cannons of Great Fox. Most Harlocks were destroyed in the battle, paving the way for the Star Fox team to invade the planet.