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The Forever Train

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Forever Train
SF64 Macbeth Intro2.png
Location Macbeth
Affiliation(s) Venomian Army
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The Forever Train is a train used by the Venomian Army to bring supplies to a supply depot on Macbeth. It serves as a boss in Star Fox 64 and Star Fox 64 3D, and it contains another boss called the Mechbeth.

The Forever Train is seen throughout the entire level on Macbeth. The engineer of the train tries to evade the Star Fox Team by dropping loads of rocks in Fox's way. Fox eventually destroys all of the cars attached, leaving only the locomotive, and another car holding a boss called Mechbeth. The Engineer activates the Mechbeth as a last resort.

Eventually, Fox destroys the train, in one of two ways: If Fox hits all of the switches, the tracks change, and the train is carried towards a restricted area of the supply depot, and it crashes into it, killing the engineer, and destroying the train, the Mechbeth, and the depot in a tremendous explosion. But if Fox misses the switches, he is forced to battle the Mechbeth. If he destroys it, the damaged Mechbeth crashes down on top of the train, destroying the train, and killing the engineer. The first method takes the Star Fox Team to Area 6 and the second one to Bolse.