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Bolse Defense Outpost

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Bolse Defense Outpost
3D Bolse.png
The Bolse Defense Outpost in Star Fox 64 3D.
Stage type Satellite
Games Star Fox 64, Star Fox 64 3D
No music provided
Star Fox 64 info
Bronze Medal 120
Stage/Silver Medal 150
Gold Medal 190
Vehicle Arwing
Navigation info
<-- Titania Main Route(s) Venom -->
<-- Macbeth Hidden Route(s)
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The Bolse Defense Outpost is an artificial defense satellite in orbit of the world of Venom. It was created by Andross to protect his capital world and as a staging platform for his armies in their invasion of the Lylat System during the Lylat Wars.

It serves as one of the two possible penultimate levels in Star Fox 64. It's the only stage in the game that lacks a boss, (the Star Wolf team will appear, if they weren't defeated on Fichina) though the satellite's core acts similar to a boss.


Created for the defense of Venom, Bolse is a massive artificial satellite in orbit of Andross' capital planet. It is protected by a force field that makes it immune to remote scanning and allowed it to shrug off capital ship weaponry. The sheer size of the station and the amount of magnetic energy generated by its force field give Bolse a strong gravitational field. Besides its laser cannons, Bolse also houses missiles and Bolse Fighters, along with armies to be used for the invasion of Corneria.


This section describes a possible strategy for defeating a section, level or area of a game. It may or may not work for everyone.

The first thing you must do an Bolse is to take out all 6 of the forcefield generators,(the ones with lightning coming out). They are protected by lasers, and you must chase them as the whole satellite is rotating, and watch out for the 2 lasers guarding each generator. After the first few, ships will start coming out, leaving your teamates to fend them off. After you destroy all 6, you may destroy a few ships until the core comes out. Once the core comes out, if you have not defeated Star Wolf before, Star Wolf will invade the satellite, attacking the Star Fox team, defeating them is not mandatory, but will make you life a whole lot easier. With or without defeating Star Wolf, you still must take out the core. The weak points on the core are the yellow flashing nubs, but once you take one out, blue lasers will randomly shoot out of the hole. Once you have destroyed every nub, you can go to Venom.



  • Sector Y is said to be the site of a failed Bolse satellite.
  • In Star Fox 64 3D, Bolse's appearance has changed dramatically from its original appearance and lacks the flat, square section that protruded from its sides in the original and, much like a real-life satellite, now has two solar panels on opposite sides.