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The Spyborg in Star Fox 64.
Location Sector X
Affiliation(s) Andross
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The Spyborg, also called the HVC-09, is an unfinished robot guardian aimlessly adrift in Sector X in Star Fox 64.

Built during the Lylat Wars by the Venomian Army, Spyborg was apparently meant to be a weapon to be used against Corneria. However, a malfunction in its programming made it uncontrollable, and it destroyed the research base it was housed in. The Star Fox team encountered it outside the remains of the base in Sector X, and were forced to destroy it.

Attack methods

When the fight begins, Spyborg will fly out from behind the player, so one should fly down low to avoid collision.

Its main methods of attack are the lasers it fires from its yellow eyes and detaching and launching its large arms at the player. It may also try to squash the Arwing with its arms. Occasionally, the Spyborg also throws large walls at the player.

After it loses half of its life meter, the Spyborg will explode by itself only to return without its head gear, apparently with better understanding of his opponents.[1]

On occasion, the newly beheaded robot guardian will spin around with its arms outstretched or it will grab a nearby panel and throw it in the player's direction.


The machine is consistently inquiring about its master's whereabouts (which is assumed to be Andross, though this is purely speculation), striking out at anything in front of him.

If the battle takes too long, its mad flailings eventually tag the Arwing of the hapless pilot Slippy Toad, sending him crash landing on the nearby planet Titania, which acts as the next stage.

If the guardian is defeated quickly enough, the player can choose the next stage to be the planet Macbeth.


  • The robot itself resembles the top half of a R.O.B. (Robot Operating Buddy). Evidence for this is backed up by its Japanese name: "HVC-09" which is similar to the Nintendo serial code "HVC-12", the serial code for R.O.B.
  • Coincidentally, Spyborg's head is shaped like a Nintendo 64.
  • If one destroys Spyborg without Slippy crash-landing on Titania, the player can still change the course and go to Titania, even though Slippy doesn't actually need to be rescued.
  • Spyborg is very similiar to V'Ger from Star Trek, who tries to destroy the earth because he can't find his "creator".


  1. "The view is clear." — Spyborg, Star Fox 64
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