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Nintendo 64

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Nintendo 64
A Nintendo 64 console with six different colored controllers.
Released 1996 (Japan/North America)
1997 (Europe/Australia)
Console generation Fifth generation
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This article only covers the Star Fox-related information of Nintendo 64.
For more general info, please check out this article on NintendoWiki.

The Nintendo 64, often abbreviated as the N64, is a fifth generation console and Nintendo's third home console. It was released in Japan and North America in 1996 and in Europe and Australia in 1997. The Nintendo 64 is Nintendo's last home console that uses cartridges as a medium.

ROB 64's name is a reference to the Nintendo 64. His Japanese name is NUS64, which is codename for the Nintendo Ultra 64, a working title for the Nintendo 64.


Rumble Pak

A Rumble Pak

The Rumble Pak is a Nintendo 64 peripheral that utilizes force-feedback vibration. Star Fox 64 is the first game to use the Rumble Pak, which was an integral part of its marketing, especially in Star Fox 64's Nintendo Power promotional video. Early releases of Star Fox 64 came bundled with a Rumble Pak. The Nintendo 64 is the first home console overall to use the technology, which has since been a standard for home consoles.


There is only one Star Fox game for Nintendo 64. The console also has the first Super Smash Bros., in which Fox makes a guest appearance as a playable fighter.

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