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Super Smash Bros.

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This article only covers the Star Fox-related information of Super Smash Bros..
For more general info, please check out this article on SmashWiki.
First of the seriesRelease datesSuper Smash Bros. Melee
Super Smash Bros.
SSB64 box art.png
Developer HAL Laboratory
Publisher Nintendo
Console(s) Nintendo 64, Virtual Console (Wii)
Release date(s) Nintendo 64
January 21, 1999 (JPN)
April 27, 1999 (USA)
November 19, 1999 (EU)
iQue Player
November 15, 2005
Virtual Console
January 20, 2009 (JPN)
June 12, 2009 (EU)
June 12, 2009 (AUS)
December 21, 2009 (USA)
Genre Fighting
Rating(s) ESRB: Everyone (E)
← N/A Super Smash Bros. Super Smash Bros. Melee
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This article is about the fighting video game for Nintendo 64. For information on the series, see Super Smash Bros. (series).

Super Smash Bros. is the game that began the landmark fighting series. It was originally released in Japan for the N64 on January 21, 1999, in North America on April 27, 1999, and in Europe on November 19, 1999. In 2009 it was re-released for the Wii's Virtual Console. Featuring representation from many different Nintendo franchises, it is not considered as part of any of them, but a separate one instead.

Relevance to Star Fox

Of the Star Fox series, only one character appears as a fighter.

Fox McCloud

Fox makes his debut in the first installment of the popular Super Smash Bros. series, and he has quite a selection up his sleeves:

Special Move
Fox's special move is his Blaster. His blaster has a slow rate of fire, but has great knockback and is great for leading up to KOs. The rate of fire, however, can be increased when Fox is airborne.
Up Special
Fox's up special is Fire Fox. This move, unlike later installments, doesn't surround Fox with flames and is slowly pulled down, which doesn't occur in later games.
Down Special
Fox's down special is his Reflector. This move can be used for spacing against enemies, but the main purpose is to reflect projectiles aimed at Fox, and instead hit the one who threw it.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ニンテンドウオールスター!大乱闘スマッシュブラザーズ
Nintendō Ōru Sutā! Dairantō Sumasshu Burazāzu
Nintendo All-Star! Great Melee Smash Brothers
Traditional Chinese 任天堂明星大亂鬥 Nintendo' Stars: Great Melee
Simplified Chinese 任天堂明星大乱斗 Nintendo' Stars: Great Melee
French Super Smash Bros. -
German Super Smash Bros. -
Korean 대난투 스매시브라더스
Daenantu Seumaesi Beuradeoseu
Great Melee Smash Brothers


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