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Cannon Betrayer

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Non-canon warning: The following content contains information that is not canon.

Cannon Betrayer
Mode(s) Flight
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Cannon Betrayers, also known as Venomian motherships, Betrayers, or erroneously as Planet Cannons, were a class of battleship used by the Venomian Army during the events of Star Fox 2. While Cannon Betrayers had a massive armament of turrets and could hold several fighter squadrons, their most fearsome weapon was the Planet Cannon, a large mounted gun that could easily obliterate a planet's defenses within seconds. Andross used them extensively during the war to reinforce captured planets and attack Corneria.


Cannon Betrayers have massive, gray hulls, adorned with the seal of the Venomian Army (an orange circle with a skull depicted in the center). The bridge of a Cannon Betrayer seems to be in the stern of the ship, along with what seems to be a communications array. Planet Cannons emerge from the bow of the ship.