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Game(s) Star Fox 64 (3D)
Location Titania
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Goras is a large alien creature on Titania in Star Fox 64 and Star Fox 64 3D. He appeared as a boss of the planet with Slippy in his possession (after Spyborg knocked him out of Sector X). He is fought in a Landmaster.


Goras' body appears to be several stories tall with long, segmented limbs (two legs, four arms and a tail), large bony protrusions from his shoulders and hips, and a large dragon-like head with a single horn. The two upper limbs have three-fingered claws that can fire bolts of energy, while the lower pair have large mantis-like pincers used for swiping. Its exposed ribcage, which can open and close like a cage, holds Goras' delicate organs. The skeletal, corpse-like design suggests that Goras is some sort of supernatural construct, or perhaps only appears to be, and the "bones" are actually an exoskeleton of sorts. It may also be a creature native to the planet, judging by the many giant bones and skulls similar in design to it scattered around the planet's surface.


Goras attacks by quick-striking with one of his three claws on his arms. He can also fire a beam from his mouth and his center (his "heart") which is also his weakness, similar to the boss of Area 6. While fighting him, he is always walking backwards. Occasionally, he will try to sweep you with his tail.


Goras is a very powerful, yet fragile, creature. A simple few laser blasts from the Landmaster on his arms will destroy them, thus freeing Slippy (he will then be able to analyze the monster's health). He has the ability to regenerate his arm, but once they are all destroyed, he will open his chest and ready a powerful beam. Shoot the core of his chest to damage him. He will close his chest or put his head in the way occasionally.

Other Appearances

Goras (mistranslated Gola in the fan-translation) later makes a reappearance in the Star Fox Adventures prequel manga, "Farewell, Beloved Falco". Its first appearance was it attacking Katt Monroe before she is saved by Falco, thus forcing it to retreat. It later appears where it captures Slippy on Captain Shears' Orders (Ironically while Slippy is reminiscing about the bad memories about his almost becoming its meal the last time he was on Titania.) It makes a final appearance where it attacks the Hot Rodders yet again (where Katt almost decides to fight it herself to try and settle things without Falco's help), but Falco intervenes at the last minute after having repaired his Arwing, and kills Goras by doing a spinning maneuver into its chest. The remains of Goras can be found on the Titania Star Fox Assault multiplayer map.

Whether this was a resurrected version of the Goras from Star Fox 64, or an entirely different Goras altogether that was created by Captain Shears is never explained.