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Stage: Meteo
3D Meteo.png
Meteo in Star Fox 64 3D
Name Meteo
Stage Type Asteroid Belt
Games Star Fox, Star Fox 64, Star Fox: Assault, Star Fox Command, Star Fox 64 3D
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no music given
Star Fox 64 Info
Bronze Medal 180
Stage/Silver Medal 200
Gold Medal 300
Vehicle Arwing
Navigation Info
<-- Corneria Main Route(s) Fichina -->
<-- None Hidden Route(s) Katina -->
Star Fox: Assault Info
Bronze Medal 400
Silver Medal 1000
Gold Medal 2100
Navigation Info
<-- Fichina Route Sauria -->
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Meteo, also known as Meteor or the Asteroid Field, is a dense field of planetoids located in the Lylat System between Corneria and Fichina. It is the site of a number of battles during the Lylat Wars in Star Fox 64 and the Aparoids' invasion in Star Fox: Assault.


Meteo is an unusually dense field of more than a hundred thousand planetoids. Some scientists have speculated that such density was a result of what might once have been either Lylat's ninth[1] or fifth[2] planet, but something happened to it, leaving behind Meteo as its remains. Though the belt is rich in minerals, its depths have yet to be fully explored because of the extreme danger of traversing it. Travel through the field is not done often, despite being the fastest way from Corneria to other planets.


Meteo During the Lylat Wars

Meteo in Star Fox Command.
Meteo was the site of a major battle between team Star Fox and the Venomian Army during the Lylat Wars. Andross made use of the Meteo Crusher to clear a path through the asteroids for his invasion force to reach Corneria. Fox McCloud and his team are able to destroy the vessel before it could finish creating a route through which Andross' forces could invade. Fox also discovers a naturally-occurring Warp Portal that allowed instant travel to Katina.

Meteo and the Aparoids

Sector Y as seen from Meteo

The abundant natural resources also presented great interest to the Aparoids. While occupying the body of Pigma Dengar, the Aparoids started construction on a large base and multiple wings of starfighter defenses. However, before it could be completed, the Star Wolf team infiltrated the asteroid field, but were repulsed, only to be followed by Star Fox who invaded the base and destroyed Pigma, who was infected by the Aparoids.

It can be speculated that the disposal of the abandoned base was deferred to a later date, and that it's to be placed under observation due to the fact that trying to get a quick and comprehensive understanding of the region is difficult because of the complex topography. The destruction level was a B+ and the Aparoids were expunged.

Meteo and the Anglar

The Meteorite Trap

Map of Meteo in Star Fox Command.
This story occurs if Fox decides to meet up with Falco in the Asteroid Belt.

After leaving Corneria, Fox decided to meet up with Falco in the Asteroid Belt. Falco eventually showed up late and both pilots were forced to fight the Anglar forces in the area. After the fight, Fox told Falco about Slippy's engagement. Falco said that they should forget about Slippy and find Krystal. Fox disagreed and plotted a course to Aquas.

Missile Attack

This story occurs if Fox and Slippy go to the Asteroid Belt after either meeting up, or rescuing Lucy on Fichina.

While Fox and Slippy were on their mission to fight the Anglar, they recieved an urgent message from the Beltino Orbital Gate. There, Slippy's father, Beltino Toad, prepared to tell Fox important news about the Anglar, but was interrupted by an Anglar attack. With the help of Falco, Fox and Slippy repulsed the attack and Beltino told Fox the important news. Fox, Falco, and Slippy then proceded to head to Katina to search for Krystal.

Falco's Decision

This story occurs if ROB 64 goes to search for Falco after Fox's first mission.

In an effort to track down Krystal and Star Wolf, Falco followed them to the Asteroid Belt. Missing them, Falco was forced to deal with Anglarian forces with the help of old friend Katt Monroe. After defeating the Anglar, Falco followed Star Wolf to Sector X.

The Anglar Emperor

This story occurs if Fox and Slippy go to Aquas after defeating Oikonny.

In the main storyline's final fight against the Anglar, the Anglar attempted to invade Corneria by going through the Asteroid Belt. There, they were attacked by the Star Fox team. Despite the Anglar's best forces, Star Fox managed to easily thin their numbers. The Anglar Emperor summoned his best ship, the Arrow Head, to destroy Star Fox, but was still defeated and killed. After the battle, Star Fox met up with the recently mellowed out Star Wolf and then traveled to Corneria by request of General Peppy.

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