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Corneria City

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Corneria City
Wolfens over a ruined Corneria
Size: Large
Intricacy: Detailed
Favored Mode of Transportation: Landmaster
Fairness: Fair
Story Mode Level: Mission 7

The capital of the Lylat System, Corneria City was assaulted during the Lylat Wars, the Aparoid Invasion, and the Anglar Blitz and was overrun by the opposers until Star Fox and their allies arrived to reclaimed it.


Corneria City is vast, with many tall skyscrapers and highways. There is a big landing pad in the middle of the city. The edge of the city is characterized by a large grassy field.

Differences from Story Mode

-All damage is repaired

-Weapon spawn points differ.

Strategy in multiplayer

Get something in between you and your opponent. There is lots of cover so being in a hidey hole is fine. Stay out of the open if possible, but if you are in a Landmaster, try going to the large forest near the edge of the map. Try to stay near the central hub, because that is where you will find the best weapons. If there are no Gunships in play, try moving to the upper track. It's wide open, and hard to get a kill, but you can navigate the map safely from there with the exception of the Missile Launcher, and it is a good sniping position, so you can keep your opponent pinned down, with the albeit small chance of killing him/her, and if he/she retaliates, you can have a completely safe piece of cover.