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Lylat Wiki:Image Standards

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General Pepper:

Peppy, When you have a chance, please look at this policy. I would like your opinion on it.

Peppy Hare:

Right, I will place my feedback on the talk page.
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This draft policy is recommend by a member in accordance with LW:Draft. You are free to make small changes, as long as the original purpose of the policy is preserved. Any feedback should be provided on the talk page.

What makes a "good" Image?

We thank the contributors of the following pages as they were a large inspiration for this page:


Files come in a variety of types, and get used in many different situations.

Each type has an idea situation and each situation has an ideal type. Please upload files according to these rules.

Official art of a character, vehicle, location, or scene.
Screen shots should be taken with the good quality screen shot software, and cropped down to only the actual screen shot is visible and nothing from the computer it was taken on is seen.
Box art
Boxart should be done in jpg or png. At best, we should see everything there was on the original box, but nothing surrounding it.
Any art that was created by a FAN!

When uploaded, please attach the {{aboutfile}} template.

If the right template is not identified, please mark with {{missing-type-information}}.

Also note:

  • File extensions for images should be lowercase. (.jpg not .JPG)
  • For images with transparent backgrounds, a .png file format is preferred over .gif.
  • Images, unless appropriate, should not have solid colors as their backgrounds, and should be uploaded with transparent backgrounds. Images without background transparency need to have their backgrounds removed, but this must be done to a quality that leaves smooth edges with no strokes, and leave no traces of any background. (see Lylat Wiki:Art Requests.)
  • Images uploaded to Lylat Wiki should be of an acceptable quality, not being extremely small or pixelated files.

If an image does not meet quality standards it will be deleted by an administrator. (see Lylat Wiki:File Deletion Policy.)

License & source information

Each image needs to be identified where it came from. This includes the following information:


What game did the file come from? What system was that game on? what site was it downloaded from? put {{Source-needed}} if a file doesn't include these answers.

Other related questions:

  1. Which game is it related to & What system did the game come on?
  2. What site was it found on and when?


  1. What characters appear in it, if any?
  2. does the image show a stage? if so, which one?


What has the file been through before and since being uploaded?

  1. What file type was it when downloaded?
  2. What file conversion and manipulation software has affected it? So, for instance
    • If this is an original art of a user, did they use photoshop? GIMP?...paint? paint.net? inkscape?
    • Did the file start off as a jpg then go to png?
  3. Who was the original artist?
    • If it was a user, what is their username?


When a file is loaded on the server, we need to identify a licence it is under.

Style & Content Guide

When an image is good, it gets used. doesn't matter how often, or in what place; the simple fact that it is used if enough to fulfill the image's purpose.

But what of unused images? What do we do with them?

Files themselves

Make sure the file isn't one of the following:

  • redirected or duplicate files
  • of good quality

Usage on other pages

Third, see if any pages are marked with {{better-images}}, as those articles are in most dire need of images.