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Gatling Gun

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Gattling Gun
Gatling Gun.jpg
Ammunition per clip: 100 rounds
Firing succession: Rapid
Range: Fair
Color: Blue
Aura: Yellow
Favored by: Krystal

The Gatling Gun is a more powerful version of the Machine Gun in Star Fox: Assault. Each shot does more damage and can be used to defeat heavily-armored enemies, but as a downside the gun holds fewer rounds and is less accurate, making it a close-range weapon, and is also extremely rare. The Gatling Gun is unlockable in Versus Mode by playing 20 VS. matches.


As said above, the Gatling Gun works like the Machine Gun, but has less ammunition and has more powerful shots.

The Gatling Gun is an effective room clearer in situations with densely-packed groups of enemies, especially when used in conjunction with a Barrier for protection. This makes it useful for Krystal because of her double barrier ability, which is probably why she is pictured with it in the official artwork. Also, in conjunction with the Booster Pack from a high area can punish nearby Arwings, though this is dangerous because of the Arwing's Charged Laser having superior range to the Gatling Gun.