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Galdon behind Fox SF Adventures.jpg

Galdon is a large, monstrous, insect-like dinosaur boss featured in Star Fox Adventures. He has four legs, two arms, a stinger, and a head surrounded by spikes.

When Fox McCloud and Tricky find a warp pad in DarkIce Mines, they warp and discover Galdon, frozen in an underground cave with the first SpellStone in-hand. After Tricky melts him using the Flame Command, he wakes up and swallows the SpellStone, challenging them. Fox attacks by hitting him on his stinger, but this soon enrages Galdon, who swallows Fox as well. Once inside him, Fox notices that the Spellstone is held within some sort of membrane, and the latter resorts to whacking the membrane to get the SpellStone. The stomach acids slowly take away at Fox's health, so he must be quick. This action causes Galdon to regurgitate, and once free, Fox notices a weak point in Galdon's chest. After pelting him with the Fire Blaster, Galdon once again swallows Fox. Once inside, McCloud repeatedly beats the membrane, finally releasing the SpellStone.

When the SpellStone is freed, Galdon begins gets sick. After throwing up Fox, Galdon clutches at his throat, gurgles, and eventually chokes to death. He dies after uttering a low burp.



  • If Fox doesn't hit the membrane the first time he is swallowed, one can hear multiple heartbeats. If Galdon's heart beats enough times, the cutscene when Galdon spits out Fox and Fox finding the weak point in the chest will play, but the stinger remains the weak point still.
  • After being swallowed by Galdon for the final time, he hurls Fox and, oddly, Tricky out of his mouth. This is curious, because Tricky was never shown swallowed in the first place.
  • Galdon bears a striking resemblance to the main villain of Men in Black, a giant alien cockroach. Also both are defeated when they eat a character who attacks them from the inside (although in the case of the cockroach, he survives for one last attack before he is finally destroyed).