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The Sentinel that appears in the Krazoa Palace.
Game(s) Star Fox Adventures
Location Krazoa Palace
Dragon Rock
Weakness(es) Fire Blaster
Similar Sentry
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A Sentinel[1] is an enemy which appears in Star Fox Adventures. It is a flying robot with a protective force field which must be eliminated to be able to defeat it. It takes four hits with the Fire Blaster to defeat it once its shield has been lowered.

One Sentinel appears in the Krazoa Palace during Fox McCloud's second visit. It's attached to the ceiling, so it's unable to move, but it shoots a stream of fire towards Fox which is relatively easy to avoid because of its short range. It guards a switch which is essential to press to proceed to the topmost floor of the palace, where a Krazoa Spirit must be released. To get rid of its shield, Fox has to shoot two orbs through a flame with his Fire Blaster when the fire changes to the corresponding color of the orb. It then becomes vulnerable and can be destroyed with the Fire Blaster, enabling the switch to be activated.

Four Sentinels appear at Dragon Rock. This time, they roam around the area and will start to shoot blue projectiles at Fox if he gets spotted. Throughout the area, there are four shield generators, which must be disabled to lower the Sentinels' shields. To destroy the generators, Fox must first free an EarthWalker, who can destroy the generators with his Tusk Attack. After getting rid of the generators, Fox can destroy the Sentinels with his Fire Blaster. When all of the Sentinels have been defeated, a door leading to a trapped HighTop will appear.


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