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HighTop Tribe

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HighTop Tribe
A member of the HighTop Tribe.
Game(s) Star Fox Adventures
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The HighTop Tribe are one of the dinosaur tribes who appear in Dinosaur Planet in Star Fox Adventures. HighTops are based on Apatosaurus. They are the largest tribe in terms of physical size, but are one of the least intelligent and easy going tribes of Sauria. The home of the HighTops is uncertain, although it may possibly be Cape Claw, however, as only one is seen there and the area appears to be too small for the massive HighTops, they may reside in another area not shown in the game.

The HighTops are one of the most social tribes on Sauria as one is shown being friends with three different tribes. It is unknown if the HighTops have a ruler or just a small, leaderless tribe that drifts through Sauria. They are almost as large as their predator, the RedEye tribe. Their tribal name comes from their long necks. Two HighTops helped Fox McCloud on his quest, one on Dragon Rock, and one on Cape Claw.


  • Fox's PDA states that there are not many HighTops left. This is evidenced by there being only two seen in the game. Exactly what caused the low number of the HighTops is unknown.

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