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RedEye Tribe

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RedEye Tribe
A member of the RedEye Tribe
Game(s) Star Fox Adventures
Location(s) Walled City
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RedEye is the name of a tribe on Sauria that appears in Star Fox Adventures. The RedEye tribe is a group of carnivorous dinosaurs that exactly match the Tyrannosaurus Rex in terms of appearance. They are the main enemies within the Walled City, and were once imprisoned and guarded by soldiers of the EarthWalker tribe. Their leader is the ferocious King RedEye, who holds a SpellStone atop his forehead.


Little is known about the RedEye tribe, but it was once said they had been locked away within the Walled City by the EarthWalker tribe who guarded over the fortress, making sure none would escape. Unlike the other tribes of Dinosaur Planet, the RedEye are the most unsophisticated, which may be the reason for them being locked away by the EarthWalkers. They are the second largest of the dinosaur tribes, next to the HighTop tribe. When General Scales attacked Sauria, the RedEye were released from their prison to roam free within the Walled City. Ironically the King EarthWalker was then imprisoned and his soldiers fled, keeping a safe distance from the large brutes.

The King was surrounded by RedEyes, having no chance of escaping. Fox McCloud and Tricky arrived in good time to save the King EarthWalker and dispose of the free-roaming RedEyes. Only the largest and most cunning RedEye was left, the King RedEye. He awaited deep inside the basement of the large temple at the center of the Walled City for his next victim.

As Fox journeyed deep into the temple, he came upon the monstrous King RedEye. Whilst ordinary RedEye were about the same size as an ordinary Tyrannosaurus, the King was many times that size, maybe even bigger than a Giganotosaurus and Spinosaurus. This massive creature tried to crush Fox with his feet, but his main weakness was electricity. The EarthWalkers left magical switches that would trigger the electric waves and bring down the King RedEye. After falling, the beast had explosive barrels thrown in his face until he was finally defeated. Fox, lifting the SpellStone from the King RedEye's forehead, took evasive action when the creature, with his last breath, moved his gaping jaws towards the hero. Fox jumped atop the King RedEye and stabbed him in his forehead with Krystal's staff, finally killing him.



  • The Battle theme of the RedEyes is shared with FireCrawlers.

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