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King RedEye

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King RedEye
King RedEye in Star Fox Adventures.
Location Walled City
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King RedEye is the leader of the RedEye Tribe and the boss of Walled City in Star Fox Adventures. He is the third SpellStone guardian encountered by Fox in the game. He is obviously based on the famous Tyrannosaurus Rex.


King RedEye became a guardian after General Scales released the RedEye Tribe from jail, and he put the third SpellStone on King RedEye's forehead.

Later, when Fox McCloud finds the Sacred RedEye Teeth and places them into the lair, he enters the deep temple where he is confronted by King RedEye. To attack him, Fox must press a series of switches around a square hallway to electrocute and stun him. During this opportunity, Fox must pick up a Fuel Barrel and throw it at King RedEye. King RedEye attacks Fox by roaring and then using his foot.

After being hit four times, King RedEye collapses, and Fox tries to remove the SpellStone from its head. The King RedEye suddenly gets up and attempts a final attack, by biting Fox with his sharp jaws. Fox manages to avoid the attack and penetrates the Staff through King RedEye's head and kills him.