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Fire Weed

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The Fire Weeds are produced by an unnamed tree in ThornTail Hollow in Star Fox Adventures. They are similar to the Frost Weeds.

After gaining the first Spellstone from DarkIce Mines Fox McCloud returns to the planet's surface. When Fox and Tricky climb out of the Arwing a ThornTail comes in destress. He says while they were away the SharpClaw burn out their beacons, and he also states that the ThornTails are "scared of the dark". Fox must first find a tree where the Fire Weeds are. Then he must hit the tree and hit or freeze the weeds to burn out the fire. The Fox must find three of the beacons and put a Fire Weed in the beacon and tell Tricky to use his Flame Command and light the beacons once again. After that the ThornTail will give Fox the key to the gate at Moon Mountain Pass. They can be destroyed with the Staff, but this does nothing.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
French Herbe de Feu Fire Grass
German Brennbüschel Burning Cuffs
Italian Erba Pirica Pyrica grass
Spanish Semilla de Fuego Fire Seed