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SharpClaw Disguise

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SharpClaw Disguise
SharpClaw Disguise.jpg
The SharpClaw Disguise in effect.
Games Star Fox Adventures
Usage Disguises Fox as a SharpClaw
Location(s) CloudRunner Fortress
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The SharpClaw Disguise is an invention of Slippy Toad in Star Fox Adventures. As its name suggests, the SharpClaw Disguise allows for Fox McCloud to transform into SharpClaw. It is one of the Staff Upgrades, despite being able to use without it, and it can be selected from the yellow menu of the C-Stick Inventory.

The disguise allows for most enemies to ignore Fox, including other SharpClaws and Sentrys. RedEyes still continue to attack him on sight. Fox cannot attack other enemies while using the disguise. The SharpClaw Disguise allows for Fox to pick up special SharpClaw Crates and Fuel Barrels that he cannot carry otherwise. In order for Fox to revert into his usual form, the player must press the B button.


After Fox escapes from his jail cell in CloudRunner Fortress, Fox contacts Slippy to have the SharpClaw Disguise sent to him. However, the fortress walls interfere with their reception, so Fox must go to a nearby wind tower and break the ceiling open with a Fuel Barrel. This allows Slippy to send the Disguise to him. The SharpClaw Disguise plays an essential role, because Fox can encounter an unsuspecting SharpClaw guard, who believes him to be another SharpClaw, and asks him to take over his shift of watching the prisoners.

Fox later uses the disguise to rescue the Baby CloudRunners from other SharpClaws, and other parts of his adventure requiring for him to pick up the heavier Fuel Barrels and SharpClaw Crates.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
French Déguisement SharpClaw
Spanish Disfraz SharpClaw