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Walled City

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Walled City
Fox in the Walled City.
Game(s) Star Fox Adventures
Star Fox: Assault
Inhabitant(s) EarthWalker Tribe
Planet Dinosaur Planet
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The Walled City is one of the four uprooted SpellStone locations of Dinosaur Planet in Star Fox Adventures. It is the home to the EarthWalker Tribe, who ruled the area until the RedEye Tribe took over. The RedEye King is the boss of the area.


The location was torn away from Dinosaur Planet when General Scales stole the four SpellStones. Fox McCloud goes there to get the third SpellStone, which is being held by the RedEye King. On his second trip, he has to get into the Krazoa Shrine on top of the main pyramid to get one of the two remaining Krazoa Spirits. After Fox obtains the Krazoa Spirit, him and Tricky part ways, and Tricky becomes an honorary member of the Star Fox team.


Walled City is the green square-like shape floating orbit. This place takes settings such as a round area, surrounded by a wall, with pyramids surrounding a river, which surrounds a bigger and principal pyramid. The RedEye King's chamber is located just underneath the temple. However they have red sun temple on the left while blue moon temple on the right because the big temple was between sun and moon temples.


Star Fox Adventures

Fox and Tricky at the start of Walled City

Walled City is the EarthWalkers' home place. EarthWalkers battles their sworn enemies RedEye, however they were defeated and locked away in the prison under the big temple with Sacred RedEye Teeth by EarthWalkers. General Scales and SharpClaw comes to the city to attack EarthWalkers, capture the city, unlock the Sacred RedEye Teeth to release the RedEyes and their leader, the RedEye King, from prison. General Scales placed the SpellStone on RedEye King's forehead to guard it once Walled City was torn away from Dinosaur Planet when General Scales stole the four SpellStones. After that, King EarthWalker was imprisoned behind entrance to RedEye King's lair and other EarthWalkers flee to stay away from RedEye Tribe. Fox McCloud and Tricky enters the city to protect EarthWalkers from harm, set Tricky's father free and dispose the RedEye beasts with Super Ground Quake to kill them to death. Once Fox finds the Gold and Silver Sacred RedEye Teeth to open the doorway to RedEye King's lair, he will meet the largest RedEye monster in the deep temple, Fox was trapped inside the scariest place and suddenly RedEye King attempts to crush Fox into smithereens but Fox uses the Fuel Barrel to attack the beast. RedEye King's weakness is electricity to stun him while Fox carries the Fuel Barrel and toss it at RedEye King few times. After RedEye King was defeated Fox certainly lifts the fire SpellStone off from the beast's forehead and releasing it away. RedEye King uses last attack to Fox with it's jaw as Fox jumped backwards on RedEye King's head and stabs him with the sharpest segment of Krystal's staff, and killing the gigantic tyrannosaurus beast. Fox confronts King EarthWalker after he finds the SpellStone, the king was very pleased to him and Tricky before they take the fire SpellStone to Volcano Force Point Temple.

After Fox was successful in returning the SpellStones in the Force Point Temple, he learned that the planet required the Krazoa Spirits are responsible for ensure Dinosaur Planet's reconstruction. Peppy suggests that there's a Krazoa Shrine on top of the big temple. After the talk with King EarthWalker, Fox must collects Sun and Moon Stones by completing the puzzle in each temple. Once Sun and Moon Stones are rested, it was revealed that the Krazoa Shrine appears on top of the temple. After Fox collects fifth Krazoa Spirit, he says goodbye to Prince Tricky and gives the Star Fox emblem to him but Tricky thinks he wants to get his own spaceship and King and Fox laughed. Fox leaves Walled City and move on to Krazoa Palace. After General Scales' demise and having Andross destroyed, Walled City was placed in the shape of square hole on Dinosaur Planet. Both King and Queen EarthWalkers thanks to Star Fox team for saving Dinosaur Planet.

Star Fox: Assault

Walled City is an area of Sauria in Star Fox: Assault. It was attacked by the Aparoids, but Fox and Krystal destroyed the invading aparoids on ground while Falco and Slippy destroyed the Aparoids in the sky and saw Tricky afterward. This stage is also playable in versus mode. Walled City is recognizable by its temples, river, and bridges.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ウォールドシティ
French Cité Fortifiée Fortified City
Spanish Ciudad Fortificada Fortified City


  • After hearing the situation from Queen EarthWalker, King EarthWalker is the Gatekeeper and imprisoned by General Scales and SharpClaw.