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Krazoa Shrine

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Krystal in the first Krazoa Shrine of Star Fox Adventures

The Krazoa Shrines are a group of six sacred areas in Star Fox Adventures. They are accessed by special warp portals, and they take place in large and mostly-empty rooms, each differing in appearance. Each Krazoa Shrine has its own test for Fox (or Krystal in the first Krazoa Shrine) to show if they are worthy of obtaining the shrine's Krazoa Spirit. By completing a test, the Krazoa Spirit deems Fox or Krystal worthy, and they obtain it. Bearing "Krazoa" in its title, Krazoa Palace features two Krazoa Shrines, which are respectively accessed first and last. If Fox or Krystal fail a Krazoa Shrine test, they are sent back to the start of the location with the shrine, and they must go all the way back to that Krazoa Shrine to retry its test.

The sixth and final Krazoa Shrine is different because it does not host a test of Skill but rather a boss battle against General Scales, although when the battle starts, it is immediately interrupted by a voice who demands that General Scales gives the last SpellStone to Fox. As a bonus, Fox also retrieves the last Krazoa Spirit, which was contained within General Scales.


No. Location Challenge
1 Krazoa Palace Test of Observation
2 Moon Mountain Pass Test of Combat
3 LightFoot Village Test of Fear
4 SnowHorn Wastes Test of Strength
5 Walled City Test of Knowledge
6 Krazoa Palace A battle against General Scales (interrupted)