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Boss: Granga
Granga in Star Fox 64.
Name Granga
Game(s) Star Fox 64
Star Fox 64 3D
Location Corneria
Affiliation Andross
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Granga is one of Andross's soldiers. He pilots an unnamed mech used to ward off the Star Fox team on Corneria in the game, Star Fox 64.

Methods of Attack

Granga's mech fires lasers from two cannons on its underside, homing missiles from pods mounted to its shoulders and the backpack, and energy balls from its head. Granga's attacks are easily dodged and, even then, he rarely attacks


One can easily shoot the legs of this mech to immobilize it, which has the added bonus of disabling the laser cannons, and its head can also be blown off to stop it from firing energy blasts. The missile launchers on its sides can be destroyed, but Granga will still be able to fire missile from its back if its legs are gone. The power supply on its back is its primary weakness, and scoring hits on this vulnerable area is all too easy if Granga is unable to walk around. A few Smart Bombs fired at him will quickly shut his mouth for good. In his defeat he shouts, "My emperor I've failed you!," which are his last words as his mech goes up in an explosion.


  • If the player manages to successfully somersault over and beneath Granga's mech without colliding in the process, they will be rewarded with an extra life.
  • It is unknown what his purpose was (other than to fight the Star Fox Team), but it is possible that he was the leader of the Venomian ground forces invading Corneria.


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