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Plasma Cannon

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Plasma Cannon
Plasma Cannon.jpg
Capacity: Unlimited
Launch succession: Rapid
Range: Good
Color: Grey

The Plasma Cannon is a special weapon with unlimited ammunition and powerful blast fire used in Star Fox: Assault. It is among the best weapons in the game, but it can only be used by Fox as he rides the wing of an Arwing or Wolfen.


Fox had to use it while aboard Falco's arwing and take a certain number of Aparoid units. He also occasionally had to use it to help his teammates.


Fox had to use it to reluctantly defeat General Pepper after his flagship was infected by Aparoids. He was aboard Wolf's Wolfen and, once again, had to use it assist his teammates.


  • The Plasma Cannon is the only weapon not available in VS. Mode.
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