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Blue Marine

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Blue Marine
Blue Marine SF643D.png
The Blue Marine as it appears in Star Fox 64 3D.
Mode(s) Water
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"The mechanical genius of the Star Fox Team, Slippy Toad, kitbashed the Blue-Marine out of spare parts and scrap metal."
Star Fox 64 official website

The Blue Marine, also formatted as Blue-Marine[1] is is a small, experimental, and unpredictable assault submersible designed by Slippy and Beltino Toad during Star Fox 64 and the 3DS remake. It was developed for recreational use by Slippy although he modified it for battle when Fox told him they would need it for a mission on Aquas. It was only used on Aquas, where it fought the bioweapon, Bacoon.


The Blue Marine's defense systems are similar to the Arwing's in that it features the same Laser-firing and barrel roll capabilities. Its lasers were designed to fire underwater, that can be upgraded to Twin or Hyper, an unlimited torpedo launcher with a built in Targeting Computer to allow for homing torpedoes, as well as light shields and heavy armor. The Blue Marine was not designed for deep sea missions, so Fox was forced to use Light Torpedoes to temporarily give him sight in the dark oceans of Aquas. The propulsion system uses components originally developed for the Arwing, and can synthesize its own hydrogen fuel for the plasma engines, giving it a much greater operational range than normally possible.

The current status of the Blue Marine is unknown as the Star Fox team would likely keep it in their mothership, the Great Fox, which was destroyed during the invasion of the Aparoid Homeworld. Though, in Star Fox Command, all air fighters were able to successfully manuever in the missions on Aquas, possibly rendering the Blue Marine obsolete even if it had survived, although the events in Command fall into questionable canonity.


The Blue Marine's statistics are listed in the Nintendo Power guide.[1]

  • Length: 16.5 sm
  • Height: 7 sm
  • Maximum Speed: 116 skt/h
  • Maximum Dive: 2,000 sm
  • Armament:
    • T&B-U3 laser cannon
    • Homing Torpedo launcher



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