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Randorn DP sketch.jpg
Randorn and a young Krystal as depicted in concept art.
Home planet Animus
Role Supporting Sabre and Krystal's quest
Premiere game N/A (Was intended to be Dinosaur Planet)
Affiliations Animus, EarthWalkers, CloudRunners
Race Wolf
Family Sabre (son)
Krystal (adopted daughter)
Teams N/A
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Randorn is an unused character that was created by Rare with the intention of being one of the characters for Dinosaur Planet. Unlike most other characters, when the game became Star Fox Adventures, Randorn was scrapped entirely and did not get a counterpart.

He would have played a supporting role in Dinosaur Planet, giving Krystal direction on her quest. In addition, if the player is in need of magic energy, he will give them a magic restorative.

Appearance and personality

Randorn is a wolf with an orange and brown coat of fur, with somewhat aged features to his face.

In terms of personality, Randorn is described in internal documents from 2000[1] as fiercely protective of his family. At the death of his eldest son in a battle with the Vixon tribe, he sought vengeance against the entirety of the tribe. However, when calm, he is shown to be empathetic toward others, taking in the orphaned Krystal out of remorse. Furthermore, he enjoys teaching others his skills.


Randorn's early history isn't known. By the time his biography catches up to him, he is leading Wolven armies against the Vixon tribes. On one of these battles, his eldest son is slain in combat, leading to him enacting vengeance on the Vixon tribe. During the midnight funeral, he slipped away into the night for soul-searching, not to return for over a decade.[2]

On his trek, he comes across a nomadic[3] tribe of Vixon, whose mere existence enrages him at the thought of his son. He slaughters the entire tribe, leaving only Krystal behind, who he adopts out of remorse for his actions. After calming down, he gives each one a burial with Wolven honors. Feeling unfit to lead the Wolven tribe, Randorn abandons the tribe and the ten-year-old[4] Sabre along with it to explore the planet.

On one of these exploratory trips, he stumbled upon an ancient ruin, which astonished him with its technological marvels. On returning outside to notify Krystal, she gave him an item which activated the technology. Upon powering on, it showed a vision of the King EarthWalker, who asked for his help. He accepted and sent Krystal to find Sabre, before jumping into the vortex that formed that lead to Sauria.

Once there, Randorn starts an adventure cut short by a chance meeting with General Scales, which is recounted in the game proper's opening scene. He is gravely injured, and is only kept alive by the magic of the temple inside Warlock Mountain[5]. However, he is still useful as an informant, and keeps the spirits the player collects throughout the game together.

Game Appearances