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Ice Mountain

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Ice Mountain
Ice Mountain Adventures.png
Fox, when first visiting Ice Mountain.
Planet Dinosaur Planet
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The Ice Mountain is an arctic mountain range of Dinosaur Planet in Star Fox Adventures. It is one of the three arctic areas in the game, the other two being SnowHorn Wastes and DarkIce Mines.


Fox traveling in Ice Mountain.

The Ice Mountain is a small area, and as its name suggests Ice Mountain is set at a mountain range covered and is covered in ice and snow. It is notable for being the location where Fox first sees Prince Tricky, who later served as a sidekick for most of his adventure. Fox can find a SharpClaw Cannon in the area, and a nearby Scarab Well containing a Cheat Token. To access the Scarab Well, Fox must plant a Bomb Spore Plant at a wall near the SharpClaw Cannon and blast it open.


Fox's first interaction with Tricky.

When Fox met the Queen EarthWalker, she requested him to go to Ice Mountain and rescue her son, Tricky. To access the area, Fox must feed the Rock Candy to the WarpStone, who then gives him the option to transport to Ice Mountain.

When Fox enters the area, a flying aircraft sends down Tricky in a force field. He is beaten up by two blue SharpClaws and taken to a cave that is obstructed by an impenetrable metal door. To enter the cave, Fox must pick up a Fuel Barrel and throw it at a wall made up of SharpClaw Crates, and then defeat two blue SharpClaws in the small SharpClaw base. After defeating them, a Fire Blaster Switch appears above the metal door. Fox can blast the switch to enter the cave, where he finds the SharpClaws continuing to beat up Tricky.

Fox tries to free Tricky, but he runs away as the SharpClaws shift their focus to Fox. The two SharpClaws pursue Tricky on SharpClaw Speeders, and Fox uses a spare one to go after the two SharpClaws down a hill. Fox must bash into both SharpClaws' vehicle before they reach the bottom of the hill. By successfully doing so, a cutscene plays, where Fox flies off his Speeder and into the Hot Spring, where him and Tricky first interact.


A close-up of the Hot Spring

Hot Spring

"Good thing you landed in the Hot Spring or you'd be frozen by now!"
Prince Tricky

The Hot Spring is an actual hot spring located at the foot of Ice Mountain. After winning at a race against SharpClaws, Fox trips off his SharpClaw Speeder and falls into the Hot Spring. The Hot Spring is the exact location where Fox first communicates to Prince Tricky.