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The Golemech in Star Fox 64.
Location Venom
Affiliation(s) Andross
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The Golemech is a large ape-like robot with its weak interior protected by an outer shell of stone. He is found on the easy version of Venom in Star Fox 64 and its Nintendo 3DS remake, Star Fox 64 3D. It is currently debated as to whether Golemech was created by Andross, or if Golemech was built by the lost Cornerus tribe, which left Venom long before Andross arrived, and Andross just found it during his exile.

Boss battle

The boss fight against Golemech

The Golemech immediately begins to flee when Fox McCloud approaches it because Andross had not yet completed it. However, what appears to be cowardice is soon revealed to be a cunning strategy as the boss leads him down a long stone hallway with little room to maneuver. In the hallway, the boss periodically slams the wall, ceiling, or floor to cause pillars of stone to come shooting out at Fox from whatever he slammed. Luckily, this is its only tactic and the only other danger is the monkey statues, that swing their arms back and forth, that periodically appear along the walls. Shooting the boss causes its stone armor to fall away to nothing and revealing its soft core underneath.

The boss battle itself has a time limit, and that players who take far too long to defeat it will end up flying into a dead end where the player will be continuously damaged until destroyed (although the use of a GameShark will reveal that this dead end is not endless in itself, and surviving it will place the player in a dark void following a now defenseless Golemech, that can easily be destroyed to resume the game normally).

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