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Referencing statements is crucial. It helps to prove that what is in an article is not false and is taken from canon sources.

References are found on pages in two ways. Numbers can be found on pages that appear as such: [1][2] and so on. At the bottom of the page, a reference list can be found that shows the full text of these references. Clicking on one of the numbers will take you to the appropriate reference.

Adding a reference

There are several different kinds of references; however, these will be covered later on. To actually insert a reference, use the following code:

<ref>actual text of reference</ref>

Insert that immediately following the text that calls for the reference, after any punctuation. For instance:

James is Fox's father[1] and was killed by Andross. is correct
James is Fox's father,[1] but Andross killed him.[2] is correct
James is Fox's father[1], but Andross killed him[2]. is not correct

Additionally, use the {{cite web}} template when referencing an external link.